HIT! first studio

April 17th 2018 – h 8.45pm

Jennifer rosa participates, with the performer Francesca Raineri, at the first edition of festival DANZA IN RETE in Vicenza.

HIT! is based on the songs at the top of the charts of every birthday of the performer, from her/his birth to today. The best hits, listened to and danced by everyone, one behind the other, in a row, birthday after birthday. Pieces you haven’t chosen but that concern you. Soundtrack of your flowing years, sounds that change. Pieces that you find yourself on, jumble in which to fall without deciding anything, amused, ungrammatical, daring, exhausted, chased by the rhythm. It’s amazing! Isn’t it great? Marathon of a lifetime, in which you throw yourself headlong forgetting who you are.


concept and direction: Jennifer rosa
performer: Francesca Raineri


April 17th 2018 – h 8.45pm
Teatro Comunale di Vicenza
info and tickets for HIT! >


Festival Danza In Rete

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