Contaminazioni Digitali 2017

November 4th 2017 – h 8pm

Jennifer rosa is a guest at Festival Contaminazioni Digitali, with a workshop, a performance and a video installation.

The performance PEZZI consists of a mainly vocal collective action. At the beginning the performers are lying on the ground on the back. Their position is composed, the bodies spaced apart from each other without contact, scattered in space as individual pieces, each with its orientation.
After a prolonged initial silence, each performer lets a song emerge: first singing it only in the mind, then on the lips, then with a whisper, in unison with the other performers. Gradually the song takes on more and more body in a crescendo, until the full voices of all fill the space with their intensity.
Shortly after the apex, the song is suddenly interrupted and everything returns to silence, to then resume from the beginning.


November 4th 2017 – h 8pm

Cortile interno di palazzo Locatelli
Cormòns (GO)

tel. +39 3381411435

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