January 18-19, 2014

Jennifer rosa presents the latest performance L’ORA
at spazio Bixio (Vicenza), within the festival Dance & Move.

info@spaziobixio.com – tel. 0444 322525

L’Ora expresses a practice of the happening, here and now.
Nine performers have a repertoire of actions. The structure of the performance is based on casuality and depends on an electronic device. By means of an electronic random selection method, varying its result each time, the device makes decisions in real time.
Fragments of utterly concrete actions mark the ryhthm on stage, between waiting moments and raids into the space, between perimeter and mass, between emptiness and chaos, silence and din. What emerges is pure lived experience, in a state of alert and complete openness to the present. Practicing the unexpected, the emptying, the unresolved, the inappropriate, being welcomed and supported while on the verge of subsidence, in order to achieve a quality of presence that is deeply human: a surplus, something overflowing, going beyond the parameters of what is scenic and correct, to become part of life. Exposed fragility.


concept and direction: Chiara Bortoli, Francesca Raineri
performers: Alessandro Bevilacqua, Chiara Bortoli, Francesca Contrino, Marina Fornasier, Vasco Manea, Giada Meggiolaro, Martina Peretti, Francesca Raineri, Monica Zucchetti
programmer of the electronic device: Monica Zucchetti

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