December 1st, 2016 – March 5th, 2017

POST.COM is a group exhibition, curated by Carolina Lio,  at EAC Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo in Montevideo (Uruguay).

Dedicated to postmodern community (POSTmodern COMmunities), the show presents six artists from different countries: Jennifer rosa (Italy), Yamile Calderón (Colombia/Norway), Marcus Coates (UK), Christian Niccoli (Italy/Germany), Cristina Nuñez (Spain), Pilvi Takala (Finland), with a selection of works on social loyalty and new forms of community experiences in the postmodern era.

Jennifer rosa shows the video installation MOB mobile vulgus_MASSA (2014).

On December 9th, as part of the Night of Montevideo Museums (Museos en la noche), Jennifer rosa will perform MASSA in the space of EAC, a collective action with the participation of a dozen local women and men. For the preparation of the performers Chiara Bortoli, Francesca Raineri and Fiorenzo Zancan, the collective artists, will conduct a workshop.


Dec 1st, 2016 – Mar 5th, 2017
EAC Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo di Montevideo (Uruguay)


Special event:
Dec 9th, 2016
MASSA (performance)
Night of Montevideo Museums

Produced by the Ministry of Education of Uruguay, with Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Montevideo and in collaboration with consulate of Finland.

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