TARTARE The Group Show

December 13rd 2018

The Fusion Art Gallery / Inaudita presents Tartare, the group show curated by Linda Azzarone with Sebastiano Mortellaro, Ettore Pinelli, Silva Giambrone, Laurina Paperina, Jennifer rosa, Davies Zambotti, Maya Quattropani, Barbara Fragogna, Rebecca Agnes, Ivana Spinelli, Penzo + Fiore, Stefania Migliorati, Romina Rezza e Renzo Marasca.

The 13 artists are represented in the number 0 / RIDICULE of Tartare Synthesis, the magazine-edition of the INAUDITA project published by Edizioni Inaudite.

Tartare “collects” artists of different origins, personalities and styles who share a spirit of rebellion and avant-garde. Not surprisingly, their point of view is often strongly critical of contemporary society.


The exhibition is part of the circuits NEsxT, COLLA e ContemporaryArt Torino and Piemonte.


Curated by Linda Azzarone


Opening December 13rd – 7pm
Fusion Art Gallery / Inaudita
Piazza Peyron, 9G, Torino


live set:
Ne jemi të lëngët (Siamo liquidi)
by Togaci, Caputo, Lafaenza




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