here you are – artist’s book

November 21, 2015 – h 6

We present at VOLL in Vicenza the artist’s book HERE YOU ARE, published by Edizioni Inaudite by Barbara Fragogna.

With Barbara Fragogna, publisher, and Alfonso Cariolato, philosopher.



Jennifer rosa – HERE YOU ARE

paperback 21×15 cm, 82 pages, colors.
language: english/italian.

Limited editino of 100 and Special Edition of 16

Special Edition of 16: signed and numbered, contains the silver sprint of the portrait of one of the 16 performers.
Basic Edition of 84: signed and numbered, contains a bn laser print.

With the support of Edizioni Inaudite
and Simone Gasperoni

Edizioni Inaudite Collana Gli Irrilevanti

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via Luca della Robbia, 19

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