L’ORA, at teatro Comunale di Vicenza

June 18th 2019

L’ORA expresses a practice of the happening, here and now.
The performers have a repertoire of 12 actions, distinguished by specific words.
The structure of the performance is based on casuality and depends on an electronic device. By means of an electronic random selection method, varying its result each time, the device makes decisions in real time.

Performers:  Nadia Acco, Giulia Andreotti, Silvia Basso, Francesco Callegaro, Giovanna Corradin, Ilenia Corradin, Nadine Grelet, Francesca Lega, Lucia Parisi, Marco Pasquale, Maria Perardi, Anna Peretto, Silvia Poccetti, Erica Taffara, Margherita Tietto, Leonardo Zaupa.
Concept and directior: Jennifer rosa (Chiara Bortoli, Francesca Contrino, Vasco Manea, Francesca Raineri).
Electronic device programmer: Monica Zucchetti.
Music: Andrea Cera.


June 18th, 21pm

Teatro Comunale di Vicenza

Foyer Sala Maggiore

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