September 15-19, 2014 – Mogliano V.to (TV) ITALY

Jennifer rosa participates in the festival A PIEDE LIBERO.

We show the video installation TWINS (2013), which will be projected in the waiting room of the Sanitary District – Piazza Donatori di Sangue 1, Mogliano Veneto, September 15-19.

A PIEDE LIBERO is a festival of dance and contemporary performing arts in the form of raids in urban waiting areas, organized and curated by Laura Boato and INDIGO.

Jennifer Rose has presented in the past editions the video installation MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS, in 2013, and in the train station the performance STATO IN LUOGO in 2012, from whom was taken out the official image of the festival.

For the full program and information: apiedeliberomogliano.blogspot.it

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