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Concept and realization: Chiara Bortoli, Francesca Raineri, Andrea Rosset

Format: photographic installation

Year: 2015

Delight: pleasure, beatitude, but also de-light, deprivation of light, return from the light to the dark.

A small group of people stand silently in the darkness, tightly clasping each other.  A photographic device, mute and blind as they are, is sharing the same space.
The device is automatically activated through regular cycles: a flash pierces the darkness  and records a photographic image. It lasts just a second; then, instead of plunging into the dark again, people are still illuminated for a moment by a second light source: the photographic image continues to be made.
Other traces, other  transparent and evanescent presences appear, imprinting themselves with and among the faces and bodies of the people, before they all plunge again into the dark.


Exposed in:
  • Torino, Fusion Art Gallery (Alter logos, 2015)
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