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concept and realization: Chiara Bortoli, Fiorenzo Zancan
installation: Nereo Marulli
format: video installation
year: 2012
duration: 35′ in loop

Men and women in elegant clothes move around a circumscribed group, continuously modifying its configuration.
Following a hypnotical and suspended pace, the individuals emerge and disappear, the ones behind the others, creating ever new combinations. A human landscape where each one comes to the surface in the details of his/her own identity.
The gaze is towards us, the onlookers. Maybe we ask ourselves who they are, where they are, and what destiny unites them, but at the same time we feel like we are addressed the same inquisitive gaze, a question that is reflected on our own.

Exposed in:
  • Schio (VI), Palazzo Fogazzaro (Stato in luogo, 2015)
  • Boston (MA), Laconia Gallery (Impersonal Solo Show, 2014);
  • Como, Spazio Natta (Esposizione Boston-Como, 2013);
  • Berlino, Emerson Gallery (Buongiorno/Arriverderci” Sommerfest der internationalen Kunst, 2012).
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