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concept and direction: Chiara Bortoli
performed by: Francesca Raineri, Francesca Contrino, Francesca Trevisan, Chiara Bortoli
sound design: Andrea Cera
video: Fiorenzo Zancan
format: performance for the theater
year: 2008 / 2010
duration: 45′

FRANCESCHE is a performance for 4 women called Francesca: for 3 of them this is true, the forth pretends to be. The performance takes place within the limits of a space that favours objective observation: under a spot light without any effects, 4 lanes of dance carpets become the physical and mental place in which every performer moves and “exists”.

FRANCESCHE uses a voice off to point out and say something objective on human nature through the same name and 4 different ways of embodying it. Similar to a cinematographic zoom, it points out details, behaviours, micro-cuts of a daily life; at the same time it guides the performers’ actions and the vision of the spectator, leading him to observe details, obliging him to a continuous examination between what is enonciated and what he actually sees. In some way FRANCESCHE brings out the double exercise of the performer and the spectator.
The identity of the name becomes the pretext to explore the limits between the inside and the outside of the scene, between body and image, reality and fiction, language and chaos.

FRANCESCHE is freely inspired by the short mouvie The perfect human (1967) of Jørgen Leth.

Performed in:
  • Dueville (IT), Teatro Busnelli (2010)
  • Mézin (FR), Théatre Coté Cour (2009)
  • Paris, Centre Point Ephémère (2008)
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