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concept, direction and video: Jennifer rosa
performers: Filippo Albiero, Giulia Andreotti, Giovanna Bartolotta, Giovanni Baruffa, Francesco Callegaro, Giovanna Corradin, Samuela Faccin, Manuela Fasan, Francesca Lega, Angela Marangon, Moira Parise, Marco Pasquale, Maria Perardi, Anna Peretto, Francesca Raineri, Alessandro Sanmartin, Margherita Tietto, Umberto Zarantonello, Leonardo Zaupa 

format: video installation
year: 2019
duration: 30′ in loop

The performative action of Mischia proposes the same modalities of the homonymous video installation of 2015.

The environmental context has changed however, as have most of the performers. 

MISCHIA is an infallible mechanism based on very simple instructions, capable of generating a perpetual movement and a choreography without choreographer. 

It is an endless fray, an intense activity of people, gestures, noise, chaos.

Reciprocal actions happen with obstinate determination, they insist on being realized outside any economy of effort. An excess, an absurd catastrophic overload of human.

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