Annette at Danza in Rete festival

March 4, 2023

Started from the dissociative experience of looking at oneself in the mirror, ANNETTE says of the strangeness to ourselves. It is a question on a possible representation of ourselves; it is a portrait at the threshold of the shapeless, an entire composed to be undone. It works on removing, it works on the minimum. Far from a narration, from description, from symbolism, from grotesque, from irony, from intimism, from naturalism, it balances between reality and artifice, presence and appearence.

ANNETTE is named after the wife of Alberto Giacometti, Annette Arm, also his main model.


March 4th 2023 h 19:00 – h 19:40

Spazio AB23 – Vicenza

Info and tickets: tcvi

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