My Way

November 20th 2022

Jennifer rosa presents the performance My Way, created during the workshops conducted by the collective. The performance features about thirty people aged between 30 and 70 in an interweaving of generations, bodies, experiences, connections. The performance workshops are an opportunity to experience a participatory, accurate, sensitive body practice that favors a state of openness and presence.

The performance is presented within Benessere in Movimento, a meeting that also includes a conference with Prof. Sabrina Cipolletta (PhD, Unipd Associate Prof.) on the role of bodily practice for social connection and the pursuit of well-being.

The meeting is part of the review APPASSIONATI by Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale – Università di Padova .


November 20th 2022
Villa Godi-Piovene
Grumolo delle Abbadesse (VI)

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