HIT ME! at Danae Festival

November 3, 2022

The performance HIT ME! with Francesca Foscarini will be shown in Milan at Danae Festival 2022

Danae Festival, unscrupulous and transversal, is an international project, curated with passion by the Teatro delle Moire, interested in making visible new artistic experiences of the contemporary scene.
Born in Milan in 1999, it proposes artists who frequent and cross different languages from theater to dance, from performing art to music, from video art to cinema and who cannot be cataloged according to strict definitions.

The performance HIT ME! with Francesca Foscarini is built starting from a playlist of songs closely linked to an objective biographical datum of the performer: the pieces at the top of the charts on her birthday, from birth to today.


November 3rd 2022 – h 8:30 pm
Spazio Fattoria/Fabbrica del Vapore
Via Procaccini 4, Milan
info and tickets: +39 338 8139995 | info@teatrodellemoire.it


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